Friday, January 30, 2015

Japan - Day 5 (picture heavy!)

Day 5 we went to Shinjuku since we wanted to go to closet child and check out Lumine Est!
I wanted to wear my new Listen Flavor shoes so I don't even know what kind of coord I ended up with hahaha...

They look like little kids going for a walk hahaha...!

It takes around 10 minutes to walk to this closet child and it's a bit tricky to find but well worth the search! This one has 3 floors; Punk/Goth, Lolita and Vivienne Westwood.

After a few hours of shopping we decided to try to find a good place to eat since we were starving!

Everything in these cases looked so yummy even though they were plastic haha...

Finally we found a place not too far away from the station!

This was a place were you put money in a machine, push the button of the thing you want then a ticket comes out that you give to the chef through a small hatch. A few minutes later your order is finished! Super easy and super yummy ~!

When we went to Punyus Naomi Watanabe was there!!! But I was too scared to ask for a picture which I kinda regret now ( T A T )

We didn't really do much else that day, it was just a slow shopping day ~!

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