Monday, January 26, 2015

Japan - Day 4

Day 3 we spent in Harajuku yet again haha, I really love Harajuku though. I wasn't feeling so well that day and changed outfit like 5 times before I decided to go with something comfortable.

Since some of us hadn't tried crepes before we just had to stop and do just that haha.
Crepes are basically thin pancakes with filling! Super yummy ~

I was curious to try the halloween flavors so I went for the middle one with some sort of pumpkin cake and ice cream, it wasn't the best crepe I've had but it was delicious none the less!

We didn't even get to finish our crepes before we were approached by a man who apparently came from a tv station. To make a long story short; we ended up on Japanese tv, walking through Harajuku hahaha... man it was not the right day for that for me.

After that we went to another area of Harajuku, harajuku street. If you walk through the entire takeshita street and continue over the street you'll get there! Harajuku street has more small shops and unique clothing, it's also good if you wanna shop second hand!

After a little while me and Amanda managed to find our way to 6% doki doki since the others wanted to go there. Not my kind of shop so I waited outside, looking at people haha.

We ended our day with some purikura ~!
Wah I love these amazing photobooths that makes you look like a kawaii ugu animu desu.

Hope you enjoyed this entry as well ~!

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