Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review - Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint

Today I received my long awaited lip tint from Tony Moly ( ; u ; )/
I've been wanting a lip tint for so long so I finally went and bought one for myself!
A lip tint can bring depth to your lips and gives your lips a softer look ~

I got mine from Ebay for 5.69 USD here, the shipping is free which I think is great!
Just look how cute it looks waaaah ~

It's really easy to use and it gives your lips a really cute and soft doll-like look, kinda like a BJD (O 3 O)
Here's a good tutorial on how to use it.

Now for my verdict;

The color looks great and it really stays on your lips even if you drink something so you don't have to apply it over and over again. I also really REALLY like how it looks on my lips, the color fades so nicely ~
It doesn't taste nice at all, it sort of tastes like shampoo haha... it smells like shampoo also .__.

This gets a 4/5 from me!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Taobao ~!

FINALLY my taobao order arrived after a lot of waiting and trouble.
Most of this was a Christmas present form my dad ~!
I have to say that I'm super happy about everything, nothing is too small or too big. So let me start by showing you some pictures of it all then?

Here are the shirts I bought ( ^-^ ) I've ordered striped cardigan as well but it hadn't arrived yet so I asked my shopping service to send me the other stuff before the Chinese new year since I didn't want to wait until after 20 February. 
I am VERY happy with these, they are of great quality and the knitted shirt is super cozy ~! Neither of them are too big or too small either (yaaaay!).

Next is this awesome cross skirt ( * u * )
It's made from a sort of thicker silky material and it's super comfortable.

These bags really surprised me! They are way bigger than I thought they would be and of much better quality! I thought the crossbag would be really thin and just made out of fabric but it even has a zipper and it's really thick! I love them ( O u O )

Both of the shoes fit omg, I was so scared that they would be too small but they weren't ( T u T ) The black ones have these super cute wings on the back that I just love ~

Sorry for the bad quality in this pic but I'm too lazy to take a new one. So these tights are the most comfortable and cool ones I've ever owned. They are made from a thicker material so they don't break easily which is great! I will definitely wear these alot!

I am in love with my new wigs, the orange-ish one is perfect for my Tokimeki memorial cosplay, it's exactly the right color and the quality is great ( T u T )
The other one is a bit more "yellow" than I thought but I still like it... It's soooo super thick though ( x__x ) I've already removed like half of it but it's still this fluffy and full, it's almost ridicilous haha.

And then some other stuff that I bought that I can't really say much about, except for the slippers which are awesome... well that's it I guess. I can barely wait to coord this stuff soon ( * u * )

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review - Wella Color Fresh silver

I decided to try toning my hair more silver today after I found this silver toner at Bellbox today. Bellbox is a store that specializes in hair products and I just love it, it's like walking into a the storage area off a hairsaloon, they have it all!

Name: Color Fresh
Brand: Wella
Nr: 00/00
Color: Silver
Price: 119 :- (about 17 USD)
Durability: 10 washes

According to the girl in the store this toner was supposed to make my hair silver and stay that way for about 10 washes since my hair already was so light, so I decided to try it.

The application method is very simple and you could do this by yourself as I did.

First rinse your hair with lukewarm water then towel dry it. Brush your hair then apply the toner by massaging it into you hair all the way out to the tips. Use a comb to comb it all out, making it even, then let it stay in the hair for about 5-20 minutes depending on how light you want it (I had it in for about 30 minutes). After that massage your hair yet again with lukewarm water before you rinse the toner out. After that you can style it as usual. This is supposed to hold for up to 10 washes.

Before & After

It got all the yellow tones out of my hair and created an even light color which I really like! And even though the bottle is pretty small it contained a lot, I had to throw away a lot of it which makes it perfect for someone with very thick hair (mine is very thin T__T).

My hair feels really dry and damaged, and this is just a toner! I really need to get some serious hair packs to fix this. It said it would give your hair a healthy shine not damage it (which it obviously did). Also my hair didn't turn silver and my hair was super light (almost white) before I applied this, so I am a bit disappointed at that.

This toner is perfect for anyone who wants to even out their blonde color and get rid of those yellow tones, but it doesn't make your hair silver as it's supposed to. I would recommend this if you want to dye your hair a crazy color and want to even out the blonde tones before doing so.

This gets a 3/5 from me.