Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review - Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint

Today I received my long awaited lip tint from Tony Moly ( ; u ; )/
I've been wanting a lip tint for so long so I finally went and bought one for myself!
A lip tint can bring depth to your lips and gives your lips a softer look ~

I got mine from Ebay for 5.69 USD here, the shipping is free which I think is great!
Just look how cute it looks waaaah ~

It's really easy to use and it gives your lips a really cute and soft doll-like look, kinda like a BJD (O 3 O)
Here's a good tutorial on how to use it.

Now for my verdict;

The color looks great and it really stays on your lips even if you drink something so you don't have to apply it over and over again. I also really REALLY like how it looks on my lips, the color fades so nicely ~
It doesn't taste nice at all, it sort of tastes like shampoo haha... it smells like shampoo also .__.

This gets a 4/5 from me!


  1. thank you very much for the review dear *w* I want it too ♥!

  2. it looks really cute ^^ is this the red one or cherry pink one?

  3. What a great review ! I was looking for a product doing that kind of effect, and it's really not expensive. I might buy it newt time I will do make-up purchases *o*