Friday, February 8, 2013

Taobao ~!

FINALLY my taobao order arrived after a lot of waiting and trouble.
Most of this was a Christmas present form my dad ~!
I have to say that I'm super happy about everything, nothing is too small or too big. So let me start by showing you some pictures of it all then?

Here are the shirts I bought ( ^-^ ) I've ordered striped cardigan as well but it hadn't arrived yet so I asked my shopping service to send me the other stuff before the Chinese new year since I didn't want to wait until after 20 February. 
I am VERY happy with these, they are of great quality and the knitted shirt is super cozy ~! Neither of them are too big or too small either (yaaaay!).

Next is this awesome cross skirt ( * u * )
It's made from a sort of thicker silky material and it's super comfortable.

These bags really surprised me! They are way bigger than I thought they would be and of much better quality! I thought the crossbag would be really thin and just made out of fabric but it even has a zipper and it's really thick! I love them ( O u O )

Both of the shoes fit omg, I was so scared that they would be too small but they weren't ( T u T ) The black ones have these super cute wings on the back that I just love ~

Sorry for the bad quality in this pic but I'm too lazy to take a new one. So these tights are the most comfortable and cool ones I've ever owned. They are made from a thicker material so they don't break easily which is great! I will definitely wear these alot!

I am in love with my new wigs, the orange-ish one is perfect for my Tokimeki memorial cosplay, it's exactly the right color and the quality is great ( T u T )
The other one is a bit more "yellow" than I thought but I still like it... It's soooo super thick though ( x__x ) I've already removed like half of it but it's still this fluffy and full, it's almost ridicilous haha.

And then some other stuff that I bought that I can't really say much about, except for the slippers which are awesome... well that's it I guess. I can barely wait to coord this stuff soon ( * u * )


  1. vad använde du som agent? skulle bli väldigt tacksam för svar då jag själv vill köpa från taobao men vet inte vilken agent jag ska ta och så, hehe uvu

    1. Förlåt för sent svar, har inte kollat min blogg på ett tag då jag inte haft tid ;__; Men jag använde kinalink och jag rekommenderar dem starkt!

  2. aww cute stuff *3*~
    can we follow each other?
    i promise i'll follow back
    glad visit here ^___^

  3. Replies
    1. Förlåt för segt svar, har inte varit inne på min blogg på ett tag då jag inte haft tid ;__;
      Cosplayade Heroine från Tokimeki Memorial Girl's side 1st love ~ c:

  4. omg I love those alpaca slippers *____*