Friday, January 23, 2015

Japan - Day 2

Hi everyone!
Sorry I've been so inactive, after my trip to Japan my internet decided to stop working so I haven't been able to blog or anything at all. Also I'm not feeling so well so the energy I use to get things done is very limited atm. My days basically consists of working and sleeping, not much else gets done...
I'm happy to see some new followers even though I've been so inactive, thank you all for putting up with me 

So here's a quick summary of the second day (or more or less the things I can remember from it haha...!) ~
This is my outfit from that day, I wanted to use these shoes that I hadn't used yet and they were surprisingly comfortable for a pair of high heels.

So the second day we spent hanging around in Harajuku once again since we only got a quick look the day before. I finally had the opportunity to look more closely at my dear closet child, wah I love it so much. For those of you who don't know closet child is a great place to find second hand brand clothes at great prices! It's from closet child that I buy most of my clothes (will do a separate haul post so I won't post any clothes etc etc in these posts).
It was fun walking along the streets of Harajuku once again, I never feel as home as I do there.

(Herp derp Jözz looked like this in most of the pics I took that day hahaha).

Later that evening we decided to go eat at a place in Harajuku Jözz suggested that served "american burgers" haha...

It was really good but it reminded me more of a dish we eat at back here in Sweden sometimes than something american haha...

We had to put up the napkins like this when they served the food since it was so hot and they poured some kind of sauce on it that splattered all over since it was so so hot! It was a bit scary tbh. But it was fun and delicious I would definitely go there again!

After that we headed to LaForet which is one of my favourite places in Harajuku, it's a big shopping mall containing most of the bigger "alternative" harajuku brands such as Super Lovers, Angelic Pretty, Ghost of Harlem, BTSSB, H.Naoto etc etc etc.
It has so many floor and amazing clothes that it takes a few hours to go through it all, but it's so worth it even if you don't buy anything.
(Unfortunately it's a "no pictures" zone like most stores etc in Japan so I don't have any pics from inside).

I think we headed to Kiddie Land next, it's a "toy store" with several floors. It's pretty cool and I would suggest you go there if you want to check out some cool collectibles from popular shows, games etc ~!

That's all I can remember from looking at the pictures and reminiscing haha, I hope I didn't bore you too much!

Also let's not forget Sayariins mindplace!
"Day 2:
Walking around with a bunch of cuties in Harajuku makes you stand out, and not only for being 23cm taller than your friends. My legs are as long as japanese obaachans, sumimasen titan coming through!"

I really hope you enjoyed this very late entry even though I couldn't write that much. But you know what they say, one picture can say more then a thousand words!
So was it enough pictures or should I try to add more for the next entry?

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