Friday, June 27, 2014

Wishlist - SEX POT ReVeNGe

One of my favorite brands is SEX POT ReVeNGe, I've always had a thing for their punk/VK designs but I never really felt the need to buy anything from them until I went to Japan and saw the designs irl. I fell in love all over again and bought several pieces that are now currently some of my favorites in my wardrobe 

These are some of the things I've been eyeing lately, when I put them together like this I realized that they where more than I thought so I removed some things heh :x

I've been really into layers lately, I love black draped things with lots of layers! I don't know why but I think it looks really cool. I also think it's the most flattering thing for my body currently since I'm not comfortable with wearing too tight clothes.

Here are some of my favorites that are currently on the site;

[LINK 5,320円]
[LINK 3,324円]
[LINK 7,900円]
[LINK 7,400円]
[LINK 6,700円]
[LINK 4,753円]

I hope you didn't find this blog entry too boring but I really don't have anything special to write about...

Do you have a wishlist or any favorite brands that you want me to check out ~?
Also anything special you want me to write about? Please don't hesitate to tell me if there is something!

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