Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Got my hair done ♥

Yesterday I had my hair done by the super talented Jözz 
She dyed and put extensions in my hair and made it look this fab! My hair before was really worn out with split ends, yellow tones everywhere and it reached just below my shoulders. Now it's this gorgeous ash blonde that's lighter on the top and it fades into a darker color on the bottom. We where supposed to put in some blue but the color just wouldn't stick to the hair. But that's okay I really like it like this as well ~

No more wigs for me!

 I'm so super happy with it and I am so grateful that she included me in her project work in school. I feel so damn pretty in this, a real confident boost ~!

It took around 9 hours I think? I'm not sure but it took super long, but that didn't matter since I got to spend the day with Jözz, couldn't ask for a better friend than her really. She always knows how to get me in a better mood, thank you dear I really needed it 


  1. Jözz is so talented ♥! I love your new hair and you look so amazing *_*

    1. She really is ♥ Thank you so much dear, I feel really pretty ~!